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A question we hear on a fairly regular basis is "What does Sisu stand for?"  Many assume that Sisu is an acronym of some sort, but actually Sisu is a Finnish word (pronounced "SIH-soo") which can be loosely translated into English as "perseverance" or "tenacity".

"Sisu" could be thought of as the Finnish national spirit, not unlike the words "liberty" or "freedom" in America.

Sisu Services founder and president Asko "Whitey" Ruuska was born in Finland, and came to the U.S. as a teenager.  After spending almost 20 years in the aircraft brake and wheel overhaul industry working for others, he decided to muster a little "sisu", and started Sisu Services.

An unknown writer summed it up thusly:


The ineffable spirit or inner fire that Finns call upon when all
strength seems spent.

Because of Sisu we (Finns) find it possible to do almost anything
except betray our honor or compromise our ideals.

Sisu is extraordinary endurance!